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Self-Care for Everyday Women

It is exhausting being human in today’s world. I am specifically talking about women today because of the importance of celebrating our successes, but I also highly acknowledge the fact that men are also burning themselves out with work, family, social, and personal pressures being placed upon them.

All my ladies out there, today is your day. Today is the day you recognize how great you are. You look in the mirror and you tell yourself “YOU DID IT!” “YOU ARE AMAZING!” “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.” Tell yourself all the things you have been neglecting to tell yourself for years. Today is our day. Happy International Women’s Day! I saw a post on Facebook that said “Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!” It isn’t enough to be just one of those categories, we must find a way to do them all.

Strong Women: May We Know Them

Today is the day you must think of who you surround yourselves with. Who do you allow into your life to make your world a better place. We’ve all had those friends who mentally drain us. We have those friends who don’t consider what we need or cannot bother to help, but the moment they need anything we’re there. You must be able to identify the women in your life who are lifting you up, and the women who you’re carrying.

Question for yourself: WHO LIFTS YOU UP?

My answer comes to me quickly, my mother. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a mother who carries them when they need it. My mother is strong, she is beautiful, she is funny, and she is super caring. I am 30 years old and my mom still kisses my heart aches and patches my bruises. She is the most creative person I know, she makes a killer casserole, and she’s the best carpenter I have ever met. She can renovate a room in 12 hours and will not stop until the job is done. My mother is amazing because she doesn’t fit into one box and she has taught me that I don’t have to fit in a single box.

Strong Women: May We be Them

It has taken me my entire life to be the strong woman I deserve to be, and yet I am still working at it. Growing up I was insecure. I was scared, and I was bullied. I suffered from depression, anxiety, and multiple eating disorders for my entire life because I did not know how to manage myself while pleasing everyone else. I was very lucky to not have caused serious damage to my body, but not so lucky with my mind. It has taken me years of self-care, therapy, and self realization to get past the words that others have said to me. I have always felt this weakness inside because of mental illness, but that is our first step. It takes a strong person to bear the weight of mental illness. I recognize my achievements and my happiness relies on me learning to see the greatness within myself.

When I started this journey of self healing I had a Life Coach, she told me to recognize my greatness every day, even when I was not feeling it. Every day I wrote down one good thing about myself. I would then look in the mirror and read it to myself. This is your task today: What did you do that was exceptional? For some of us this means getting out of bed, brushing our teeth and facing the world for a short amount of time. For me this means accepting that the path I am on is not only sufficient, but excellent. I am where I need to be, it is okay that I don’t make a million dollars, or that I haven’t saved the world. It is enough to get to hug one child and teach another to write their name. Every small step is the step I need to take.  So, what’s good? Tell yourself in the mirror something you’ve accomplished today. Something you are proud of, or something you pushed yourself to do.

Strong Women: May We Raise Them

It would go against everything I stand for to say that this post means that women need to have children, and if it is a girl you need to teach her how to act in society. If you are a mother of a little girl, be your best self. If you never want to have children, great, don’t. I ask every single person reading this to recognize that you are a role model to those around you. There are little eyes everywhere and children see everything. Be the role model for the next generation of little girls. Stop calling yourself fat in public. Stop shaming yourself for the cupcake you desperately want to eat. Stop beating yourself up because you are still at work doing the best you can for your family when you know your little humans are getting ready for bed. Stop hating. Stop beating yourself up. For the love of the planet, Stop judging yourself and others! Start thanking yourself, and those around you. Start breathing and realizing that mistakes are made so we can learn. Have the cupcake, go for the walk, cry, laugh, scream! Do what you need to do so that girls and boys all learn what it is like to be human.

Think of a little human that you inspire. Now, how do they inspire you? Tell them.

Self Care tip of the Week: Tell yourself you love yourself. Try and make every thought that comes out of your mind be a positive thought. The negative thoughts won’t just stop, however, when they come let them pass and tell yourself something good immediately after. Daily KUDOS to remember why you matter!

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