Noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-polyglycine ethyl ester) is a relatively new and promising nootropic compound that is known for its potent effects (Ostrovskaia, Gudasheva, Voronina & Seredenin, 2002). Noopept was formed based on its derivative action and similar pharmalogical properties to Piracetam, where Noopept requires one thousandth of the dose of Piracetam (Ostovskaia et al., 2002). Though Piracetam is able to accentuate early memory functions, Noopept works to facilitate the further memory processes of consolidation and retrieval, including spatial memory (Ostovskaia et al., 2002; Ostrovskaya et al., 2007). Noopepts actions can be pinned down to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as capacity to inhibit neurotoxicity caused by neuronal excitation caused by overabundant calcium and/or glutamate, and also produces improvements in microcirculation (Ostovskaia et al., 2002; Kovalenko et al., 2002a).

Benefits and Effects


5mg to 10mg

Oral: Onset 15 to 30 minutes ~ Duration 3 to 6 hours

Sublingual: 5 to 10 minutes ~ Duration 3 to 6 hours

Intranasal: 0 to 5 minutes ~ Duration 3 to 6 hours (Tripsit, n.d.).


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