Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, simply referred to as Alpha GPC is a pro-phospholipid nutrient that is readily soluble in water and found in nature in abundance in human mother’s milk (Kidd, 2002). Alpha GPC, administered orally, easily crosses the blood-brain barrier where it is a building block for acetylcholine (ACh) a common neurotransmitter throughout the brain as well as body (Kidd, 2002; Lopez, 2001).

Benefits and Effects

  • Increases mental acuity or focus in healthy adult and elderly subjects (Kidd, 2001);
  • Improves attention and recall in young healthy adults (Canal et al., 1991; Canal et al., 1993; Kidd, 2002);
  • Improves reaction time in middle-aged and elderly adults (Moglia, Bergonzoli, & Moliner, 1990; Sicurella, 1990; Kidd, 2002);
  • Improved cognitive deficits of emotional state, confusion and apathy associated with Dementia (Parnetti, Amenta & Gallai, 2001; Kidd, 2002; Wang, Zhang & Tang, 2009);
  • Decreased the recovery time of those inflicted with ischemic damage, such as a stroke (Parnetti et al., 2001; Sangiorgi et al., 1994);
  • Improved isometric strength during weight training (Bellar, LeBlanc & Campbell, 2015);
  • Reduces inflammation, improves microcirculation and hepatocellular quality (Harmann, et al., 2014; Tőkés, 2015);
  • Shows neuroprotective ability in animal studies (Plangar, 2014; Szabó, 2016).




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