Vitamin D is the strongest natural human steroid and has direct consequences on performance-based measures in strength, balance, motor coordination, and general physical vitality. The ability to get up when you’ve fallen down, such as an elderly person just getting out of bed, is corresponded by as much as 10% directly to your vitamin D level. Vitamin D has even shown to boost testosterone by 40% (the day following 7,000 IU) and energy levels in healthy young human subjects.

Vitamin D levels are crucial during pregnancy as the little guy or gal in the mother’s womb soaks up as much as it can. This leaves the door open to conditions such as postpartum depression. Did you know that Vitamin D also boosts mood? Hence, a link to depression symptoms as well.

The recommended daily doseage of 1,000 IU is for general bone health and is far to low to deal with the more important issues. A doseage of 3,000 to 5,000 IU is more on par with overcoming depression and gaining more energy and vitality in general.

Get some sun. Get your Vitamin D, it’s free.

Older adults are less likely to be out and about in the sun and are more at risk to low levels of the sunshine vitamin.

You can get 3,000 IU of Vitamin D through 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure daily.

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