The use of sleeping pills in the US has grown by 60% in the last two decades. People not sleeping means big business. And your business should be getting a good night’s sleep so you can get to the business of tomorrow. Please note, that the popular sleep aid melatonin should only be used when alleviating jet lag (3 mg for 3 nights) whereas valerian root, along with prescription sleep medication may cause daytime sleepiness following the night used. The following is a plan for combating daily poor sleep problems.


  • Inositol was mistakenly thought to be a B-Vitamin derivative. However, it is not. It does not contain any nitrogen and is naturally synthesized by the human body, making it mother nature’s sleeping pill.
  • Once consumed, users notice a calming sleepy feeling
  • Works for users who report chronic insomnia
  • Believed to act with the neurotransmitter serotonin

1500 mg per day

S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

  • In 1997 the Life Extension Foundation toted that SAMe “promises to be the most potent, anti-aging, anti-disease therapy ever” (Bowden, 2008)
  • SAMe is a methyl provider to the various myelinated nerves of the nervous system including the brain
  • SAMe is the most effective natural antidepressant
    • May take up to 5 weeks to begin to notice alleviation from depression

1 gram per day in two 500 mg doses (morning and night)


  • When the body is under stress, such as when sleep deprived, it burns through its Magnesium supply. Magnesium is utilized by the body for the construction of catecholamines including serotonin which may be why anxiety and insomnia are often comorbid. Serotonin is a natural physiological relaxant and sleep promoter.
  • Low magnesium levels allow for heart tissue degradation leading to heart complications including heart attacks. Studies have shown that human heart attack death is associated with low magnesium presence.
  • Think of the water your drinking: There is proven inverse relationship between water hardness and magnesium presence.

500 mg a day

Eat dark leafy green vegetables and take an Epsom salt bath before bed to increase Magnesium levels in the body naturally.


“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”
― Ernest Hemingway


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