God’s Quanta

Greg Provost (2020)

  1. Introduction

Quantum mechanics does not follow the classic laws of nature. As the example of note, Quantum tunneling occurs when a subatomic particle passes much like a ghost through a potential barrier or wall. Sunlight, or two fused hydrogen atoms that have created this proton, is able to pass through the walls of the structure your in by teleporting from one place to another instantaneously. Classical laws of mechanics are unable to explain the way in which this subatomic particle gains sufficient energy to make the trip without enough fuel, or energy. In fact, as the theory goes, these little guys obtain energy from its surrounding environment to “tunnel through the wall” (Davies, 2005).

To continue with the amazement of quantum mechanics we continue with a look at the work on cell microtubules of Mavromatos and Nanopoulos (1999); here cell microtubules contain a “presynaptic grid like a quantum hologram.”

To reiterate slightly, tunneling subatomic particles actually pay back the energy they have borrowed from the environment; “reflected electrons [gain] more energy than they otherwise would have [previously had]” (Davies, 2005).

  1. Cellular Enzymes and Tunneling

Hydrogen, the basic building block of all of life relies on the chemical functionality of Hydrogen transfer, a sequence which utilizes quantum tunneling (Heyes, Sakuma, M., de Visser, S. P., & Scrutton, N. S. 2009).

  1. A Bold Statement

Hydrogen, or H(2)O(2) is acutely toxic to cellular vitality. According to Mishra and Imlay (2012); Hydrogen transfer reactions perform “H-transfer by tunneling.” And here we support the notion, that cells have a holographic membrane in which quantum tunneling fuels hydrogen function within enzymatic processes.

  1. A History Reminder on Bacteria and Evolution

“The complete cDNA for a human mitochondrial protein designated P1, which was previously identified as a microtubule-related protein, has been cloned and sequenced. The deduced amino acid sequence of P1 shows strong homology (40 to 50% identical residues and an additional 20% conservative replacements) to the 65-kilodalton major antigen of mycobacteria, to the GroEL protein of Escherichia coli, and to the ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase (rubisco) subunit binding protein” (Jindal, 1989).

It is commonly known through the evolutionary branch that mitochondria within the human cell formed from an ancient bacterium. As the story goes, a bacterium survived within a host cell and built the functionality of the cell as it’s survival host. Further, bacteria are known to be the first life-form to have ever been. Here we argue that since bacteria and their-in mitochondria are the keys to evolution and life, that indeed our genetic evolutionary direction can be found within the mystercial holographic field of a cell in which hydrogen performs the magic of quantum tunneling, vis-a-vis hydrogen transfer.

  1. Where’s Waldo

“H-transfer by tunneling is an important feature of these reactions in enzymes (1–3), but mechanistic understanding of how protein motions (from the millisecond to sub-picosecond time domain) facilitate the H-tunneling reactions remains elusive (4– 6). A major limitation has been the inability to synchronously trigger catalysis on ultrafast time scales for the majority of enzymes that require mixing strategies to initiate the reaction. However, by using the light-activated enzyme, protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase (POR4 ; EC (7), we have triggered two enzymatic H-transfer reactions using a single pulse of light, and we show these reactions occur sequentially by quantum tunneling in a pre-formed enzyme-substrate complex. This has provided a unique opportunity to analyze these reactions at physiological and cryogenic temperatures, on very fast time scales, that are experimentally inaccessible with other enzyme systems” (Heyes, 2009).

  1. God’s Quanta

So with this, it is postulated that life both originates and evolves through not simply the physiological framework of biochemical or biomolecular processes, yet through this quantum biological fashion: The human cell is directly connected to the quantum world where tunneling – a process that cannot be directly measured as the electron of interest is never traceable to one position – may prove the possibility for a unpredectable universe open to free-will akin and unbeknownst to its predeterministic mechanical universe, known here as my theory of God’s Quanta. This idea surmises that the spaghetti monster is nothing more than an idea, where instead the link of free-will between one’s body and one’s soul are found within one’s quantum holographic signature. Here we see the link that has been explored since the beginning of the inquisition of a God existing, and us.

  1. Conclusion

We live within a deterministic world, governed by classical laws of mechanics. God’s Quanta, I believe, explains where free-will connects to the spirit of us as human beings. In that, electrons can be at the same place at the same time, or neither at once; (tunneling), opening the possibility of impossibility in a predictable universe. Each cell has a quantum hologram where this magic takes place and I argue this could scientifically be the soul as it reacts with another dimension from our dimension (if you will), through our cells. Again, cells again are founded from bacteria which began all life.

8. Addendum

I’ve had a long going theory that the universe and free will belong in a predeterministic set of options where the choice of an outcome is based on a fixed statistical chance of A or B or both happening. As I’ve discovered Quantum relativity is based in such the same fashion of statistical probability in which an effect, such as seen with electrons in quantum positions being traceable or not to a fixed position. I believe that when we look at the small scale we ignore the larger system which is the relative and fixed determinant of A and/or B’s happenings. Of course in relation to those micro affects as well.

For example: 2+2 = 4 tells use nothing about: 1+1 = 2 unless we are looking for the relations.

Time is sequential and linear and I believe it is the blinding glue in our quest for light.


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