Welcome! Thank you visiting my site Master Every Moment! I, provostg, created MEM to share my learning of nootropics, cognitive and physical enhancers, and life hacks, with others; among other things.

I have always been competitive and enjoy a challenge. This has mainly manifested in my ability to perform differing sports, but also displayed in a similar though alternative way in my academia and professional life. Through my formative years I never really cared for school and this was reflected in my grades. I barely made it through high school, and did so with poor grades. This then required a lot of hard work and dedication to make up the lacking grades to get where I wanted to go in life.

I remember the brain always fascinated me. Brain games and tests were of great appeal to me growing up, and still are. For as long as I can remember, I would research how differing phytonutrients impact cognition and of ways to boost one’s overall quality of life in general. This was my main interest and as such I decided neuroscience was for me. It wasn’t, however. I need to engage with people and could not see myself in a laboratory setting everyday. As such, I came to counselling psychology and haven’t looked back since.

My decision to go into the helping profession stemmed from my past work experience working with youth and adults with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other challenges. I felt the reward that helping others provided, seeing others succeed was and still remains of great importance to myself. Looking forward, I journey to help others in whatever way I can, and I enjoy the challenge and reward that this brings to both myself, my clients, and you.

Again, Welcome! Enjoy #MEM! I plan to finish this site someday, but know it will be a lifelong project. So, join the site and adventure; and #MasterEveryMoment.