Today is the day that you are the best you have ever been. Even if you’re having an off day, you are still the best you. This is because today you are the manifestation and result of every choice you have ever made. Made some bad choices? Doesn’t change anything. Whether you’ve made great choices or bad ones, you have learned and evolved from them, making yourself a master of your own experiences. To ensure that you make the choices you want in your every day life, be sure to follow the tips, tricks, and knowledge housed here. It is here we discuss all aspects of Self-Actualization: defining you by Mastering Every Moment.

According to Maslow (1962), self-actualization can be defined as “(a) acceptance and expression of the inner core or self, i.e., actualization of these latent capacities and potentialities, “full functioning,” availability of the human and personal essence; and (b) minimal presence of ill health, neurosis, psychosis, of loss or diminution of the basic human and personal capacities” (p. 36).

Eufrontality is the concept which refers to the promotion of the health of the prefrontal lobe of the brain (Loizzo, 2014).


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